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‘Camp-X Collection’

'The Camp-X collection has been removed from the DRHQ
at the request of the Region and is currently seeking a new home.'

Exciting new project. I have combined with 2IntCoy (2 Intelligence),
QOR (Queen's Own Rifle, Station 'M' and Camp-X to create the very first 'Canada's Intelligence Museum'
which will be housed on the third floor of Casa Loma.
We're in the process of fundraising in order to purchase 10 display cases.

If you would like to donate to this exciting new venture, please visit: (Tax receipts will be issued immediately)

Where to donate:

* Canada Helps
* 2 Intelligence Company Senate

Durham Dedication Ceremony 2012

** To view more pictures from the Dedication Ceremony, click here.

Link to the media announcement for the ‘Dedication Ceremony’

"Local war treasures celebrated" - The Oshawa Express

"February 2013 - Camp X" - Rogers TV

(289) 828-5529

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