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“My Secret Mission”

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By: Andrew Durovecz

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Memoir of one of the last surviving trainees at Camp X

My Secret Mission

This is a memoir of one of the last surviving trainees at Camp X. At the time of writing, only two are still alive in Hungary of some 22 (the precise number has never been established) original recruits. The account will also clarify how it was that a group of Hungarian Canadians - almost exclusively communists and left-wing activists by conviction - came to be enlisted to this sensitive special service for the Allies.

Camp X was not a "spy school," as it is commonly referred to in superficial writings, although a substantial part of it dealt with intelligence matters. It was a comprehensive training establishment with the special purpose of supplying highly trained personnel to carry out the unprecedented "invisible war" as a counterforce to the German occupation. Camp X started and ended with World War II.

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