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Secret Agent Extraordinaire

“I somehow had to escape this nightmare. Thwack! Again, the rubber truncheon struck my raw soles, my toes curling with the excruciating pain. I wavered in and out of consciousness, struggling to distance myself from the waves of agony. A disembodied image of my beautiful, blushing Helen, floated tantalisingly close. She arose from the loveseat in her front parlour and smiled, as she blew me a kiss. Her image flickered unsteadily, then faded, slowly dissolving, like the closing frames in a silent movie.

“Helen? Who is Helen?” The interpreter’s grating voice jarred me back to reality. I was seated on a wooden chair in a large, dimly lit prison interrogation room in Pécs, Hungary, my hands tightly tied behind the chair. My soles were on fire and my shoulders were being wrenched from their sockets. As my body recoiled in reaction to the blows, the ropes dug ever more deeply into my wrists. “Who is this Helen, damn you, your controller?”

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