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“Camp-X The Final Battle”

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What if Britain had lost the ‘Battle of Britain’?

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Excerpts from

The Final Battle

What if… ?

... Great Britain had lost the ‘Battle of Britain’?

We now know from recently released documents that Sir Winston Churchill had a master plan in readiness during this decisive conflict. A brief, two-week period in history would have changed the world, as we now know it.

The possibilities are unthinkable...

What was Canada’s role? What covert operations might Camp X (STS 103) have unleashed to defeat this new Nazi world order? ... What was the true identity of Jael, the mysterious Camp X-trained assassin? … Why was Sisera, the target of Operation Tent Peg in London? … Had Jael been betrayed? Was Jael’s trusted Camp X colleague actually an agent of the Abwehr, the German secret service? … Where was the top secret hiding place of Great Britain’s gold reserves?
“The tunnel, approximately four feet wide and barely six feet high, forced several of the taller men to bow their heads as they proceeded. The ground appeared to be solid, composed of firm, if slightly sticky, clay. As they walked on, Graham reflected that they were all walking into military history, through a tunnel of time that likely had not been entered for some one hundred and thirty years. He pondered the significance of his realisation, but chose not to comment to the General.

They walked in silence for nearly twenty minutes. Finally, Colonel Graham called, “Sergeant, halt! Majors Findlay and Beck, a conference. Hamish, I’m getting concerned about the declining air quality. Do you estimate that we are almost at the end?”
“My role is this. At this time, England’s gold reserves are being loaded on a vessel that will be setting sail for Canada the very moment it’s ready. As soon as the ship arrives in Halifax, the bullion will have to be secured in safe keeping for the duration of the war. This is where you and I come into play. Any questions so far?”
“The rasping drone of a single engine plane approaching overhead drew the spectators’ attention from the choreographed grace of the golden-haired athletes. He looked up, shading his eyes against the direct glare of the mid-day sun. “It’s Hermann, finally! Thank the gods!” He made a mental note to address this breach of protocol and common sense.

A single shot shattered the left breast pocket button of his uniform and he fell backward with a low moan. A fusillade of 50 mm cannon shells flayed a deadly hail of wood splinters and chips from the granite walls, as an RCAF Mosquito fighter-bomber dove directly out of the sun at the reviewing stand.”
“His feet lifted from the floor. As he lost consciousness, his bladder emptied in a spreading dark pool on the worn carpet. He ceased struggling. Completely limp now, his rag doll body dangled for another eternity then was lowered, almost gently, onto the floor. ‘Nine seconds.’ The man in the combat boots looked down at the corpse as he calmly coiled and pocketed the garrotte, then walked to the half-opened window, climbed over the sill and was swallowed up by the night.”

Our first review!!!

“Camp X sequel a fascinating journey!”

Reviewer: Rik Davie from Port Perry, Ontario, Canada

“When the what-if of alternative history meets the stranger-than-fiction story of the World War II spy school called Camp X, the stage is set for a story of murder, sabotage and mayhem with just enough fact in it to keep the readers on the edge of their seats.

“Mixed with true tales like the murder of a Nazi double agent in the rooms of the Genosha Hotel in Oshawa and the shipment of British gold to Canada, the tale is woven by Lynn Philip Hodgson and Alan Longfield, two authors with a rich background in the World War II world of spies and the school in Canada that produced the finest of them.

“The story flows with one action-packed chapter after another...

“The story winds to a fascinating conclusion that leaves the reader eagerly anticipating another novel.

Write another.”

Rik Davie
The Weekend Star

And another!

“What would have happened if Britain had lost the air battle with Germany in the early part of WWII? An invasion would have been almost a certainty and with America still hesitant to join Britain, the Allies would have had to rely on secret facilities outside mainland Britain and try fight a war of subversion and wrecking tactics.

“Churchill looked west, not to Washington, but to Canada, and a top secret facility that was producing some of the world’s greatest special forces and secret agents; Camp-X.

“Lynn Philip Hodgson and Alan Paul Longfield have produced an unnerving book which draws from 50 years of experience and tells the story of just what might have happened had things gone wrong for Britain and the rest of Europe.

“The book is full with anecdotal gems; for example, just where would Britain have moved its gold reserves faced with a Nazi onslaught?

“A hugely detailed book, packed with real-life encounters about many of the men who trained at Camp-X; what their roles might have been if Britain was overrun and more importantly, how could they survive in a war zone with few friendly faces.

“Hugely entertaining and at times reading like a Le Carre novel, the authors have themselves used the word ‘faction’ to describe some of its contents, this book is as valuable a research tool as it is an historical work.”

Book reviewer, Edition 11, Eye Spy Magazine

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