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“The History of Special Operations in Canada”

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  • Did eight billion dollars in gold really sail from England to Canada in WWII; and if so, why?

  • Did Kim Philby, the infamous Russian Spy really write the Camp-X Syllabus and if so, how could this happen?

  • Was Casa Loma in Toronto really to become the location for Winston Churchill’s Government in Exile and was it in fact the top-secret location for ‘Station M’?

  • Did Sir William Stephenson really kill a man in New York City at a time when the United States was neutral?
‘Special Operations’, although not called so at the time, has been around since biblical times. In fact, one of the earliest operations known to man goes back to the ‘Trojan Horse’ mission, which is recorded as being executed with amazing precision. Whether true or not, its concept and design was brilliant; what better way to imbed ‘Special Operatives’ into your enemies’ territory.
The history and events of ‘Special Operations’ is still in it’s infancy, and may take another 50-70 years to finally be revealed.

Here, you have an opportunity to explore its ‘evolution’ and ponder it’s implications, for future generations.


Dear Lynn,

I just finished your book i.e., “Special Operations in Canada”.

I ‘thoroughly enjoyed reading it’, and it will have a special place in my personal library among my other books on British/Commonwealth Intelligence Ops from 1940-1945.

One thing that I found odd, was the recruitment of Mr Reg Miller age 17yrs old.(A teenager working for British Intelligence???) that wouldn’t be allowed in today’s society but during wartime, I guess that they were dealing with a deadly enemies and so they didn’t mess around etc. (Unlike today’s Politically Correct Society etc.)

What happen to him afterwards?? His name doesn’t crop up in any other books I’ve read on British Intelligence etc.???? Your’s is the first! I wonder if there is a “file” on him in the British (Public Records Office) now National Archives etc.?? I suspect there is!

Great job and you’ve opened up a new chapter with Canadians serving in British/Canadian Intelligence Services.

Thanks and take care......looking forward to ‘reading your next book’ on (1946-1969) On the Oshawa Wireless Station (RCCS) during the early and middle parts of the Cold War.

Christopher Furlotte

Ottawa, On.


Good afternoon, Lynn:

I finished the book, and it’s excellent. I find it odd that after having been so instrumental in the creation of SOF, Canada virtually abandoned the entire concept until the early ‘90s. There was the Special Service Force (essentially, a brigade-level battle group that was built round the Airborne Regiment), but it’s a bit of a stretch to classify them as “SOF”. For some reason (probably budgetary), we just gave up on operating SOF units while our allies (the UK, France, the US, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Rhodesia) all maintained SOF units that traced their lineage back to those original special operators.

Kyle Giffin
Master Corporal | Caporal-chef
Instructor | Instructeur


“it is a great read, I have read my copy twice, second time was as good as the first; Lynn Philip Hodgson is a great author.”

Jeff Welter

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