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“Silver Daggar”

(the faction based sequel to ‘Camp-X The Final Battle’)

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Camp X Silver Dagger

In the tradition of Camp X The Final Battle, Camp X Silver Dagger, is a story that is woven from documented evidence, informed conjecture and fiction. It is now well known that agencies of the British Intelligence establishment, most notably Special Operations Executive, SOE, had actively considered a number of possible methods to bring about the elimination of Adolf Hitler by assassination in 1943-44. Sharp debate about the possible advantages and risks affecting the Allied war strategy as well as the ethical and moral implications of killing the German Führer, eventually led to the abandonment of such plans. Eventually, Hitler took his own life in the final days of the war, May 1945.

Camp X Silver Dagger is a fascinating story of intrigue, suspense, and hazardous covert operations in novel form, which realistically explores the planning and execution of Mission Shining Oath to assassinate the Führer, involving not only the memorable cast of characters introduced in The Final Battle, including Major Hamish Findlay, Major William Sampson and Major Rebeccah Jael Weiss, and as well, a part - Cherokee American cryptanalyst, Major Jack Harris, an Ojibwa Native Canadian signals expert, Burton Johnson, from Port Perry Ontario, Lieutenant-Colonel Roger Stedman, the new Commandant of Camp X, supported by a host of secondary players, carrying out deeds of valour and incredible danger in settings both local and European, from Camp X to Berlin and Leningrad.

Excerpts from the book:

Last year you read Camp X The Final Battle

(What if… Great Britain had lost the ‘Battle of Britain’?)


The dramatic conclusion to the story you’ve been waiting for...

Camp X Silver Dagger

“Von Braken’s success in avoiding detection by official contacts from the time of his arrival in Whitby until his death on 13 October 1941, which would certainly have brought to light his identity as an enemy agent, is disturbing in the extreme. Following are the relevant details...”
The Buick turned off Simcoe Street, passing through the imposing wrought iron and limestone gateway, following the circular driveway, to come to a stop at the main entrance. “So, this is Parkwood Estate, Mac! No small wonder Colonel Graham raved! I hadn’t expected anything near this grand.” Colonel Sam McLaughlin, Chairman of The Board of General Motors of Canada, waved in greeting as he and Mrs. Adelaide McLaughlin approached the car. Mac had told Commandant Stedman on the drive over that Colonel Sam had often hosted the previous Commandant, and many of the Camp’s senior staff...

Unknown to GO commuters and rail travellers, the Oshawa GO/Via Rail station stands on the site of what was until recently, another almost - forgotten chapter in the Camp X legacy, The Blue Swallow Inn. The Blue Swallow Inn, a majestic red brick inn of traditional 18th century English styling that was built in 1942, was the talk of Camp X. Such was its reputation that everyone of note who visited Camp X wanted to stay at the Blue Swallow. Numbered among its guests were Ian Fleming, General ‘Wild Bill’ Donovan, chief of the American Office of Strategic Services, and FBI boss, J. Edgar Hoover. What was the attraction of The Blue Swallow Inn? Quite simply, it was an extremely hospitable, luxury-class hotel complete with a pub-style tavern, located within walking distance of Camp X.

“Excuse me?”

“Are you Canadian Army?”

Hamish swivelled slightly to the right to look at his neighbour whom he had not noticed when he had sat down at the counter. “Yes, in a way, I am.”

“Me too. Signals, Corporal, Kingston. Name’s Burton, Burton Johnson. I prefer Burt. I’m visiting my folks for a little bit of business, personal things, on the island. You know the island… Scugog? I’m a native, Mississauga. I used to be Council Chief of the Band. That is, before I joined the army. It’s a long story.”
“Sir, we know that he’s holding them in the sub – basement of St. John’s Church, and that is only accessible via a trapdoor in the Rector’s study, which is in the basement. We also know that he’s armed and will use his weapon. The plan is, essentially, to create a scenario, which will draw his attention and allow us to infiltrate the area and take him down.”

“I’m no military strategist, Drew, but what about the hostages? How do we know that he won’t shoot them at the first opportunity? He must be getting fairly edgy by now.”

“We don’t, Commissioner. It’s called a calculated risk.”
“You have a vivid imagination, Sampson. The Russians? … Of course not, Bormann and I are not that stupid. We’re flying directly out of here. Now, get the bloody hell out of my way,” he threatens, his pistol hand trembling.

“No, you’re coming with me as my prisoner of war. I can get through to the British High Command. You’ll have a fair trial in England… before they hang you.”

“England!” he spat derisively. “Napoleon Bonaparte was right, a despicable, in - bred herd of mental defectives, aristocratic nincompoops and bourgeois shop-keepers, not worth my trouble. Time is up, Major Sampson. Move, or I will shoot you. I’ve never killed a person, you know? Perhaps in the 1914-18 debacle, you can’t ever be sure.” He raises the Walther to point the polished barrel at William Sampson’s chest.

First review!

"Wow! Read "Inside Camp X" and also "The Final Battle".

Excellent. Am currently reading "Silver Dagger". Could not put the books down. Must admit they have disturbed my sleep pattern. Your research is amazing. Wonderful how you built the story around fact. Would like to be informed when your fourth book comes out. I have books published in my own area of music and am well aware of the amount of work you have done.

Best regards. Don J."

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