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Inside Camp X

Inside Camp-X is featured as “Book of the Month!” for September, 2002, and rated five stars with a wonderful review.

“Few books hold your interest from the first page until the last. Inside Camp-X is an exception to the rule. Author Lynn Philip Hodgson has produced a gem of a book that examines one of the intelligence world'’s biggest secrets.

“Camp-X was a top secret training school for secret agents - truly boys own stuff. Situated at Whitby in Ontario, the facility was used to train many officers from the SOE, OSS and other official special units. Here Brits mixed with Canadians and Americans and other nationalities. All were being readied to undertake life threatening missions behind enemy lines. Indeed, many were killed.

“Before the splendid efforts of Lynn Hodgson to reopen the files on Camp-X, little or nothing remained of its history. Twenty-five years later, Canada has an extremely important museum dedicated to the facility, and the public can engross themselves with a book that is meticulously researched and rich in photographs and historical facts. Indeed, seldom has one seen so many rare photographs of individuals, training facilities, documents, and tidbits on a site and mission that was supposed to be secret! Evidence enough of the author’s lifetime endeavours to uncover the facts about Camp-X.

“Situated on Lake Ontario, it was here that Ian Fleming, creator of so many books and movies on Britain’s James Bond, watched about 500 secret agents being trained as part of his naval duties as an intelligence officer in 1942. And though not an agent himself, he did participate in many of the actions to understand just what it felt to endure such an energy draining schedule.

“Camp-X examines the genesis of the base, why Britain and Canada needed such a facility. When America joined the war, U.S. special agents were also sent here.

“Hodgson takes us back in time and introduces the reader to the people who understood the Allied need to fight a covert war. The training methods are examined in great depth, and one soon realizes far from being a ‘fun place’, Camp-X was in fact producing unbelievably well trained killers and subversives who were as professional as anything being produced today: perhaps more so, for these agents had only basic technology to work with and often had to rely on their wits and survival qualities - most learnt at Camp-X.

“Eye Spy is grateful to the now thriving museum in Toronto, dedicated to Camp-X and run by volunteers, and to the author himself for making this book available to magazine readers direct.

“Easy to read and uncomplicated, Lynn Hodgson has captured the feel and spirit of a place long overtaken by nature. Though through his efforts the legend of Camp-X will live forever.”
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Book reviewer, Eye Spy Magazine

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