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“The Birth of Special Operations in Canada”

(Now in print and .pdf format)

A truly definitive history of Canadian Special Operations.

The book has 646 pages, 176 pictures with captions (many from WW2), available in hard cover 7”x10” x 2” thick with colour dust cover and PDF E-book. It consists of the 3 non-fiction books, which are based on 45 years of research and interviews with the men and women of Camp-X and the BSC. (Inside Camp-X, Dispatches from Camp-X and The History of Special Operations in Canada.)

The 3 books individually sell for $25 each - $75 total. The new book (hard cover - dust cover) sells for $50, a $25 savings.

It truly is the definitive history of Canadian Special Operations. All books are autographed by the author. This is a collector's edition.

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The book explains in detail the who/why/when/where and how William Stephenson's BSC - British Security Co-ordination was established in Canada and the United States, at the start of WW2.

It explains why Camp-X (STS 103) was created, its purpose, the relationship with the United States. The relationship between Stephenson, Donovan and J. Edgar Hoover and the successes and failures of his operations.

Many people aren't aware that some of the very first COI and OWI agents (American) were trained in Canada at STS 103 long before any of the American schools were established. In fact, once it was decided to create the schools at Camp David and the Congressional Golf Course, the instructors from Camp-X were seconded to the OSS to recruit and train instructors for the American schools.

It's a must read for anyone who is interested in the subject of Special Operation and how and why it was created.

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